IDD Software that’s Like a Good Caregiver: Always There When You Need It!

Made for providers by providers. is your all-in-one solution for developmental disability case management.

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Our care management software gives your business the necessary tools to manage caregivers, track client budgets, and bill Medicaid in one place. can integrate into all service models including group homes, day programs, HCBS, supported living, respite, family support services, and more!

Created for Disability Service Agencies

Disability Focused

Our software was created by service providers working in the industry.

Person Centered

See client information, goals, support plan, budget, and notes all in our mobile app.

HIPAA Compliant

Send and receive sensitive information securely between stakeholders.

Easy Billing

Input your codes and let the software do the rest. generates your billing statements each month.

IDD software empowering you with the tools you need:

Medicaid Reimbursement

Automatically generate billing reports to send to Medicaid.

Caregiver Payroll 

Generate timesheets that upload to your payroll system.

Client Management 

Update personal centered plans and budgets within minutes.

Easy-to-use Mobile Apps

Caregiver mobile app makes EVV, clocking in and out, taking notes, and managing schedules easier than ever.

idd software


IDD software that puts the client first.

Meet with a member of our team to see how can take your business to the next level.


Results that speak for themselves:

Agencies that use our software have been able to manage hundreds of caregivers and clients with minimal human touch points.

idd software

See how is making an impact and changing lives.

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