Powerful and flexible IDD software!

giv.plus funnels time cards, billing, budget tracking, scheduling, and HR into one easy-to-use platform for disability case management.

idd software

Intuitive Dashboard for Provider Management

Easily get a snapshot of your current clients, caregivers, payroll, and billing from our simplified desktop dashboard.

idd software


Generate monthly reports to see growth over time.

Straightforward reporting whenever you need it. Track your growth, revenue, and clients without managing spreadsheets.


Our workflow helps onboard new clients and caregivers in minutes.

Send documents, receive budgets, onboard new clients, and hire caregivers in minutes. Our IDD software was made with providers in mind.

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IDD Software That Speaks for Itself

One customer case study had unprecedented industry results after using giv.plus for one calendar year.

idd software
idd software
idd software

IDD Software that simplifies.

idd software
idd software

IDD software that puts the client first.

Meet with a member of our team to see how giv.plus can take your business to the next level.

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“Working with giv.plus, and the software they provide has been easy for me, for the clients, and for the providers.”

Tracy Chapman, Support Coordinator

“Using giv.plus makes scheduling caregivers so easy for me.”

Calleen, Parent of Client in Services

“The giv.plus dashboard allows me to find any document I need with one simple search.”

Jen Thiriot, Agency Director


IDD Software as low as $18/mo per client

giv.plus scaled pricing grows as you grow. Meet with a team member to build the perfect custom package for your business.

All-in-one IDD software that makes life easier.

Our unique dashboard and mobile apps make it easier to manage caregiver payroll, client budgets, care plans, EVV, and communication between all parties.

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